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Our Cal-West "Peace of Mind Guarantee" covers the following:

The Cal-West Peace of Mind Guarantee is also not to be confused with a home warranty. If any item becomes defective within 60 days of inspection, however was properly operational during time of inspection, then that item will not be covered by our guarantee. We advise our customers to look for the recommendations in our report that may point out areas of future concern (i.e. corrosion on a plumbing fixture that could later lead to an active leak). If an item has been inspected and was found to be in acceptable condition, the item will be marked as "Acceptable" in the inspection report or may not be mentioned at all due to lack of concern. If, at a later time, something goes wrong with an item that was marked "Acceptable" and was indeed operational during the inspection process, we are unable to foresee those issues and cannot guarantee a repair of the item. If a roof begins to leak after the first rain of the season, then unfortunately we have no way of foreseeing this issue. The same applies to drain line clogs due to normal usage. We run the plumbing systems extensively during our inspections and will make a note of any evidence of slow drainage, however we cannot predict nor view blockages, nor do we include a scoping of the drain lines within our inspection services. Home inspection reports are simply a factual statement of findings made at the time of the home inspection, and no inspector is able to predict future problems and/or warrant such items. Cal West Property Inspections will cover any repairs on items that were missed and included in our Standards of Practice for up to $1,000. This could be on numerous things from plumbing leaks to faulty garage door sensors to smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors as long as it is included in our Standards of Practice and omitted from the inspection.

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