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Is Your Home Your Biggest Asset?

  • Preserve Your Biggest Asset

  • Keep Your Family Safe

  • Prevent Excessive Repair Costs

  • Avoid Predatory Contractors

  • We Don't Upsell Repairs/Replacements

Preserve Your Biggest Asset

You are probably like most of us and your home is your biggest asset. You should take just as good of care of it, if not better than you would your family car. Like your car, your home takes care of you and keeps your family safe. So why not make taking care of it just as much of a priority?

Keep Your Family Safe

Just like you, keeping our families safe is our top priority! Isn't that the most basic reason we live in homes instead of out in the wild, to keep us and our family safe from the elements and dangers around us. However, a home that is not properly maintained can lead to safety issues that can be fatal. Gas burning appliances produce Carbon Monoxide which is deadly if not properly vented to the exterior of your home. Improper electrical wiring from unlicensed contractors or homeowner handyman projects can lead to deadly fires. A home inspection from the experts a Cal-West Property Inspections can identify potential hazards like these along with many others. The sad thing about most fatal home accidents is that they typically could have been easily identified and prevented with very little cost to the homeowner. Often times correcting the problem is so simple its just not worth putting it off when the consequences are so high.

Prevent Excessive Repair Costs

Home maintenance items that are deferred for too long can lead to excessive cost when they need to be addressed in an emergency. Contractors are known for capitalizing on opportune moments when homeowners have no other options than to pay a premium when a critical appliance like a water heater or furnace stop working due to deferred maintenance or end of life failures.

Don't Be Taken Advantage of By Predatory Contractors

Help prevent being taken advantage of by opportune contractors and being caught by surprise with that cold shower in the morning or an unexpected roof leak come the first rain of the winter season. A Home Maintenance Inspection will help you better understand the true condition of your home and its major appliances. We can help you identify components of your home that are approaching the end of their expected lifespan so you can better budget for future replacements. Appliances like HVAC systems and water heaters need regular maintenance to extend or reach their full life expectancy and a Home Maintenance Inspection from the experts at Cal-West Property Inspections can educate you about maintenance schedules. Regular inspections can also help with the early detection of problems which can lead to $1000's of dollars in saving down the road in unnecessary damage to appliances and components in your home. 

We Don't Profit From Selling Installations or Repairs

Do you worry that the condition of the roof on your house and if it is in need of repair but don't want to be taken advantage of by a roofing contractor who just wants to sell you a new roof? The experts a Cal-West Property Inspections can help with an honest roof evaluation identifying areas of concern and giving an estimated remaining lifespan. We can determine if a roof just needs to be repaired or if a replacement is necessary however unlike a roofing contractor who offers a free roof inspection we don't benefit from trying to sell you a new roof instead of suggesting cheaper alternatives like repairs when appropriate.


Better Understand the Condition of Your Home

Reports identifying any risks or hazards hiding in a home

Reports documenting upcoming maintenance items

Trusted and Vetted Contractor Referrals 

Always Included With Our Inspections  

Free Thermal Imaging

Free Carbon Monoxide Testing

Free Combustible Gas Leak Testing

Confidence you can live in a safe home for your family

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