Builder Warranty Inspections

Example Callout: Carbon Monoxide Hazard

This picture shows a serious safety concern for the building occupants in regard to proper venting of exhaust gases containing carbon monoxide. The ducting for the dryer exhaust vent was improperly installed. The dryer ducting carries the exhaust gases, containing carbon monoxide, to the exterior of the building. Openings in the dryer ducting can allow carbon monoxide to escape, where it could affect the building occupants. Correction was advised.

Example Callout: Roof Tiles Loose, Missing, or Out of Place

This picture shows a missing roof tile. Roof tiles that are missing or out of place can expose the underlayment to harmful UV rays that can shorten its life expectancy and can also create an entry for water intrusion. Correction was advised.

Example Callout: Unsecured Gas Line

This is a still from a video taken to show an unsecured gas distribution line. Correction was advised.

Example Callout: Debris in Drip Pan

This picture shows debris in a drip pan, which could cause a clog in the drip pan’s drain line, and lead to a potential overflow of the drip pan. The whole house fan appears to be blowing loose-fill insulation into the drip pan.

Example Callout: Exterior Stucco Cracking

This picture shows stucco suffering from moderate cracking. It was advised to repair the affected area to prevent continued damage.

Example Callout: No GFCI Protection

No GFCI protection present -- all locations. Recommended a licensed electrician upgrade, by installing ground fault receptacles, in all locations.

Example Callout: Lineset Insulation Damage

This is a picture showing lineset insulation damage or deterioration. Exposed refrigerant lines can cause energy loss and create excessive condensation. Further evaluation and repair by a qualified professional was advised.

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